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Gorden minimalis rumah

Gorden minimalis rumah
gorden rumah

Minggu, 04 September 2011


Maggot is a term is Maggot / Larvae Flies. Manufacturing is very simple. Only the use of waste vegetable canker.
Method of manufacture is as follows:
Prepare onion sack the existing pores Enter into the onion sack Waste vegetables are easily available from traditional markets for free (just need the cost of transport in the form of gasoline or motor freight pickup. Arrange a vacant flat on the sacks that had filled the waste vegetable masyur Prepare a boiling water that has mixed a fish tail or a tail squid, and pour over the medium bag evenly. The aim is invited to come visit the Green Flies and menikamti tasty dishes that we serve.

Usually while enjoying the dish, green flies will lay their eggs on the medium bag Sprinkle each day sack with water that has been mixed Prebiotics that is rapidly decaying vegetable waste. In 3 days have seen a fly larvae hatch and eat the rotting waste vagetable. Make a natural high-protein feed for fish.
Note: Please note the smell arising from this decay process because if the location of fish is close to the location of settlements feared to be the tone of protests from local people. However, if the location is far from the population then the process is very good for dilanjtkan because feed costs will be very cheap and big fast fish.

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Banana weevil is a pest that attacks the Banana Bar. Affected banana stem this attack will have stem rot and will gradually fall / die. But from here we can take advantage when we can produce larvae that banana stems can be used as a rich Feeding Natural Protein for Fish Culture.
Practical Ways of manufacture are: Collect the banana stems that are widely available around us. Usually a lot of rotting banana stems are left after the fruit is harvested banana. Cut banana stems in place with a chain saw to cut it because it's easier than using a Machete. Arrange the banana trunk somewhere and rots. To speed up the decomposition using Prebotik containing microbial decomposers. Many Prebiotic is proposing, just watch the brochure and see the benefits of content and microbial content. Prebiotics flush that has been mixed with water every day like we are watering the flowers in the yard. Banana stem the rot will invite banana stem weevil to lay their eggs on the banana stems. Character is banana stem-perforated holes will be visible signs of beetle has been entered and put telur.Setelah a month, who have been rotting banana stem is inserted into an empty pool that has no water and has been given a prebiotic. Usually after 2 weeks will look good banana weevil larvae are still small in size or which have large (adult). The shape of these larvae are white, soft, can be of little finger and there is a tail longer than its body. (As shown) Once the larvae are mature, can be given directly in the state alive as a natural high-protein fish food. Protein larvae can be between 25% - 45% (Wikipedia: 2011).
There are 2 (two) ways of nature Larvae feed banana:
Ponds that already contain the full banana stem larvae stocked fish and fish will feast Pick up banana stem in which many larvae into the fish pond. After the larvae look eaten, banana stems back into the pool is empty so that beetles can lay their eggs and the cycle repeats again from scratch.

Many books on the cultivation of earthworms are readily available from bookstores such as Scholastic or Dawn Court. I just summarize the practical to put into practice easily.
Things that need to be considered in the cultivation of earthworms are:
Rack preparation Worms
Shelves can be made from bamboo worms because it is more economical and sufficiently strong and resistant to temperature extremes such as heat and rain. Form of a worm rack made vertikultur / terraced in order to optimize the land included in such a narrow area in the yard / back yard. Rack should be protected from heat and rain because the worms are very sensitive to both. Give your roof or a shade such as roofing shingles, roof sheeting or roof geribik bamboo matting. Worms rack must also be protected from pests such as ants and worms Predator, Orong-Orong, rats, chickens, birds, etc.. How to create a wall around it and at each pole is made of the water column so that the ants can not rise to the rack worms.
Earthworm Feeding
Feeding earthworms are very easy and practical obtained as waste vegetable canker or fruit waste. It could also use rice bran, corn bran smooth, low-protein yield pellets. Can also of household waste such as leftover rice, etc.. Earthworms break down food equals the weight of body weight / day. That is, the 1kg seed meal worms will spend weighing 1kg also within 1x24 hours.
Earthworm Benefits
Very many of the benefits of earthworms. Can the Fish Feed, Medicines, cosmetics, decomposing organic fertilizer, etc.. But in this case we are discussing the use of earthworms was limited to just natural food. Please if earthworms are a lot if you want to resale as seed or as a feed. Pereda lipstick or hot solution in one product based earthworms.

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